Cycling Skid-Proof Grips

Cycling Skid-Proof Grips

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Anti-Skid Rubber Bicycle Grips

Material: Rubber
Length: 13.2cm
Ends Color: Black, White
Suitable for : 0.79-0.98inch (2-2.5cm) diameter handlebar
Package Includes: 2 x Bike Handlebar grips


Made of superior quality rubber material, providing a high performance for anti-slipping and protecting. The bike handlebar grips is designed with honeycomb shape surface, which can get a better anti-slipping when you are sweating or in the rain.
Its Ergonomic design increases the width of the palm, helping effectively reduce vibration and fatigue in riding and ensuring more comfortable feeling. It can prevent your hands from numbing, hurting and aching by giving your palms a full surface contact. You also can adjust the angle of the support platform by simply turning the grip.
It is suitable for 0.79-0.98inch (2-2.5cm) diameter handlebar, and you can measure your own bicycle's handlebar (take off the grips before measuring) before purchasing. At the same time, you can fill in the plugs when you finished the installation.
With its considerate design, it is easy and convenient to use. With it, you can get a better experience with your bicycle.


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