Men's cycling underpants - grey

Men's cycling underpants - grey

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Men's cycling underpants

Colour: Grey
Fabric: Mono
Materials: Polypropylene | Moira

The excellent perspiration wicking with higher heat insulation are ensured by a shallow intermittent rib designed on the exterior and interior sides of the knit. The gaps between the ribs support micro-ventilation and heat insulation at the same time. For the ribs, merely a touch on the body is enough for good moisture transfer. MONO is used as a warmer variant of ULTRALIGHT NEW, with slower perspiration wicking. The knit architecture ensures the natural flexibility of pattern styles. We recommend MONO as the bottom clothing layer, primarily in winter, when it is excellent for all kinds of winter sports.

For more information about the material used, see page "MOIRA - Materials".

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