Privacy policy


This website uses etracker technology ( by which anonymous data is collected and saved for marketing and optimisation purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data is not personally identifiable. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and is not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may berefused at any time, with effect for the future.

The personal data of a Buyer (individual) and any individuals representing a Buyer (legal entity) are stored in accordance with the valid legislation on the protection of personal data.

At the time that the persons named in the preceding paragraph enter into a Purchase Agreement, they agree that their personal data may be collected and processed in the Seller’s database. This consent may be revoked at anytime in writing.

The personal data will be stored and collected solely for the purposes of entering into the Purchase Agreement, the delivery of the Goods and/or Services in accordance with the Purchase Agreement, the processing of complaints and any related tasks, and for the Seller’s archival purpose for maintaining information about completed sales. The data may also be used for the purpose of providing possible discounts and other benefits to the Seller’s customers.

The customer’s personal data is fully protected against misuse. The Seller shall not provide the personal data of its customers to any third parties. The Seller may provide only the personal data that is required for the delivery of the goods to the transporter.

Once a Purchase Agreement is made, it is archived by the Seller in electronic format and is accessible only to the Seller and to the Buyer upon request.